Research Highlights

Fast and Robust Geometric Robot Perception

K. Chen, R. Nemiroff

Research and development of real-time algorithms for fast and reliable localization and mapping for computationally-limited robotic platforms using LiDAR and IMU sensors.

Efficient Motion Primitive Search Path Planning

H. Levy

This research project focuses on expanding path planning capabilities for UAVs to more expansive ranges made possible by LiDAR technology. Research involves effective methods to smoothly connect motion primitives while preserving path optimality and retaining computational efficiency.

Traversability-aware Multi-Robot Task Assignment

D. Thorne

This research project improves on state-of-the-art task assignment algorithms by using robot specific path planning instead of distance or application specific heuristics. In addition to creating more representative cost functions, this method also considers heterogeneity amongst robot teams by leveraging existing traversability assessment and path planning modules.

Multi-Agent Interaction with Tumbling Objects in Orbit

A. John Sabu

This research explores the interaction of multiple chaser spacecraft with uncontrollable (and, often, limitedly observable) tumbling objects in orbit. This includes the implementation of model predictive control for trajectory tracking and planning, and the application of distributed techniques including improvized task allocation algorithms in a target-centered reference frame.

Adaptive Robust Model Predictive Control

S. Gessow

This research is on developing new adaptive controllers for non-linear systems. It is focused on controllers suitable for adaptive MPC for general systems with unmatched uncertainty. Possible applications for this work include aerial systems as well as underactuated systems.

Environmental Representation in Global Trajectory Planning

Y. Ma

Representing a map efficiently is important in the study of motion planning. This research focuses on environmental representation. The potential research topics in this project include the use of SDF and NeRF to model the map.